COFFEE TALK – Smell of Books

Coffee talk is a category that has been conducted monthly for the members and volunteers of the WiFEC family, aiming to have opportunities to bond with volunteers. 

In retrospect to September 25th, the Coffee talk with the topic, “SMELL OF BOOKS”, concentrated on efficient reading book methods and many intriguing stories was held successfully with the attendance of volunteers and members. 

Let’s look again at some memorable moments from that session. 

📖Ways of improving reading 

Through the shares from volunteers, WiFEC has had more efficient reading methods such as the general reading method, the “shifting” reading method, the “reading close to the limit” method, and the “reading at once” method. 

After the discussion, participants advocate the optimal reading method to save time and grasp each book’s principal points, coincidentally in collaboration with the note-taking process to keep the most notable information.  

️📍Must-read books

Apart from that, the category of book review and recommendation also furnishes many remarkable book titles regarding life skills, such as “Right Job” – by author Gian Tu Trung, ” Temperature of language” – by author Ki Ju Lee, “Live to the fullest for today” – author Taketoshi Ozawa, and so on. 

Besides that, participants also get to know that April 23 is “World Book and Copyright” day. This is an occasion for the whole world to pay tribute to read culture and raise public awareness regarding copyright. 

 Minigame: WiFEC Auction

Last but not least is a minigame, the so-called “Auction”. With the support of Wordwall software, the “auction” occurred vibrantly and fascinatingly. The game comprises 14 questions about books and efficient tips for reading books. 

Initially, under relatively new regulations at play, a few attendants encountered some difficulties; however, afterward, everyone caught up with and gained many captivating awards, including a Waka VIP book account for a month, the book “Doc sach cong huong” for TOP 3 winner, and additionally, the award for the most interactive volunteer is book “Paris trong hop giay”.

It can be seen that on account of the first time the program was organized, there are still some shortcomings, such as the unreasonable program timeline, the scarcity of objectivity in the evaluation of the organization or the unclear rules of the mini-game, which leads to the fact that some members have trouble participating. However, constructive feedback will motivate WiFEC to improve and provide better experiences in the future.

📌I wonder what the next Coffee Talk of WiFEC will be? Follow the page to look forward to more valuable exchanges like this in the future!

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