Life Skill: Gender Education

For decades, Gender Education in Vietnam is still a conservative and sensitive topic in both schools and the public. There is an increase in issues related to underage sexual activities and criminals.

Thus, it is important to widespread common knowledge of Sex Education among young age to give them essential knowledge and skills about their body changes and avoid violenting age of consent and sexual offenses.

It is also the reason why WiFEC first time set up online courses about GENDER EDUCATION for teenage to raise their awareness about sex-related issues.


Sex education: Our comprehensive sex education program provides s broad variety of topics related to sex and sexuality, which raise awareness about healthy towards gender, reduce the rates of sexual activities underage and avoid sexual assaults.

Environmental science: Our lectures and quizzes are designed lively and easy-to-understand memories to help students gain an important common sense of animals based on their habitat and their reproduction, then form love towards nature and species diversity.


For each range of ages, we have specific and suitable lessons and quizzes, including two groups: 7-12 years old and 12-15 years old.

🗓Date and Lesson plan:

First class: 27/11/2021 (20h-21h30)

Adolescence health concerns and how to take care of your body: Understand both physical and mental changes of adolescent age. Know how to take care of yourself especially girls when they encounter puberty.

Reproduction of aquatic animals: Learn facts about the reproduction process of aquatic animals, the fertilization system, and the role of water to protect the eggs from drying out during embryonic growth.

Second class: 11/12/2021 (20h-21h30)

Gender prejudices: Understand which views and traditions shape gender prejudices and actions to eliminate gender inequality, respect gender differences,  and contribute to gender equality in society. 

Sexual offenses: Understand what is considered sexual assault and harassment behaviors and know how to protect yourself and others from these crimes. 

Reproduction of terrestrial and arboreal animals: Learn facts about ways of producing offspring of animals on land and their requirement of habitats for reproduction. 

Final class: 15/1/2021 (20h-21h30)

Consent and boundaries: Raise awareness about sexual personal boundary setting, when to say no, who to tell if someone crosses that boundary, safe and unsafe touch, and respect for another boundary.

Reproduction of aerial animals: Learn facts about animals that spend most of their time in the air and how they find partners to reproduce and the incubation process. 

💪Besides, for the first time, WiFEC collaborated with Izy Community, an online game-based educational platform, to design lively and interesting lessons which enhance students’ engagement and memory through gamification and get rewards.

Fun learning with WiFEC, why not? There are many exciting and amazing classes waiting for you down the road, don’t miss the chance to improve your knowledge and make friends.

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