👉The MINI-SCHOOL project is sponsored by the non-profit “Wing for the Future-Education – through Connection” (WiFEC – a worldwide charitable organization through education) which helps poor children in remote areas access education, especially technology equipment. 

📋The purpose of the project 

Huong Khe is a southwestern Ha Tinh province mountainous district with central agriculture. Therefore, farmers account for most residents and low incomes. Besides, Huong Khe is one of the most distant areas that suffer from disasters such as storms and floods. Most students stay at home to take care of their grandparents and do housework and farm work, so they do not have access to benefits. 

Project “ Mini School ” will improve educational conditions for children to build and enhance equally for students’ educational opportunities in Ha Tinh by installing 28 computers in 01 computer room, advocating a library with books, organizing free English and Computer online classes, STEM, and training skills that children can inquire and exchange after classes

Moreover, The Mini-School hopes to enhance the social awareness of children’s education. Especially supporting students who are more likely to drop out of school, do not have a chance for professional education, and have less knowledge and skill for education and career in the future since the project can continue to spread and deploy teaching models and abilities effectively. 

🌟The reasons for changing location

Ha Linh primary school is our first project destination, however, Ha Tinh Department of Education and Training equipped Ha Linh Primary School with 30 computers. Therefore, we transferred our funds to another primary school in Hương Khê rural district, named Huong Thuy primary school. 

The project will deploy activities to directly support 242 students aged 6 to 14 at Huong Thuy primary school. Students cannot study English and computers because of a lack of teachers. Also, students lack soft skills for learning because of their future job.

With a hope to cut off the financial pressure of privileged families, volunteers from 11 nations of WiFEC lend a hand to teach, participate in training educational courses and expand relations. Teachers at Huong Thuy Primary School can use the computer room to expand receivers to the children in the neighborhood. Students can take part in extra classes such as Maths, English, and Vietnamese. 

☑️The achievements of the organization’s department 

WiFEC had two classes in Huong Khe district, Ha Tinh province. Each class has 15 students and includes a projector, a router, a computer, two speakers, tables, and chairs. The most significant achievement is that children were willing to participate in project activities, with 91.4% of students interested in studying and doing homework. Especially, Thanh Tra, who is in grade 5, got 213 scores on the TOEFL test, equivalent to A2. 

WiFEC hopes projectors, speakers and computers will motivate children to continue their future education, so they will become good citizens of society no matter how hard their life is. Also, the project desires to assist teachers in providing documents and enhancing the quality of teaching. 

💌Thanks to organizations’ contribution 

WiFEC has received many shares from philanthropists, parents, and students so far; on August 2022, WiFEC succeeded in inviting donations from 03 partners and crowdfunding activity with 31,655,355 VND and 50 USB through 02 workshops “Tieng Anh thuc hoc” and 01 webinars “Transform ME in Digital Transformation.” 

The project also received assistance from:

Fund from Mentor-Mentee program, GIVE IT BACK: 12,703,800 VND 

Fund from crowdfunding activity at WiFEC’fanpage: 1,410,000 VND

Fund from Thales Foundation: 7,000 EURO 

To take place successfully, WiFEC thanks philanthropists and individuals who willingly get involved in the project to help poor children in remote areas in Ha Tinh. We hope to be donated in our future projects!

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